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The Pittsburgh Pie Guy is me, Lou Butler, a pie-obsessed Pittsburgher who bakes pies made from scratch and with local ingredients. Nothing inspires joy quite like a homemade pie, and so I've made it my mission to spread as much joy as I can. 

I bake both sweet and savory pies. Sweet pies come in a range of sizes: 3", 5", and 10". Meat pies are sold either hot or frozen as 6" hand pies. You can find me throughout town at different farmers' markets.

For a list of my weekly flavors, please visit my blog page.

Part of my mission is to source local ingredients both for their quality and to support local businesses. Some of my partners include: Blackberry Meadows Farm, Who Cooks for You Farm, Fallen Aspen Farm, Paul's Orchard, Triple B Farms, After the Fall Cider, and Syggelekokle Farm

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